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ESP Open Debating Competition

ESP Open Debating Competition (EODC) is a debate competition adopting the concept of Java Level Open Debating Competition coming up with fancy tagline ”Involve Yourself, Improve Yourself, Brighten The Future”. Like the previous EODC, the fourth year of EODC also open for general, where all participants may vary from allages as there is no age limitation to enter the competition which is opening a good opportunity for the entire debating community around Java and for those who want to compete in a whole new level of competition. The competition adopts Asian Parliamentary Debate System in which presents three Professional Core Adjucators to lead the event coming from diferent personal backgrounds. This year’s season of EODC will be organized for 3 days length starting from August 18th to 20th 2017. EODC 4 will provide 30 slots available for the debating team participants, and also 30 slots for N1 Adjudicators. These slots are available for those who are currently living, and or pursuing their study around Java.



Edufair, Seminar, and Food Bazaar

COMING SOON, EGP 6! EGP is back again with series of events coming up on June 'til September! Prepare yourself for our biggest events of EGP 6 which are debate competition, Edufair, Seminar, and Food Bazaar Curious about how fun the event will be? Stay tuned for more information! Follow Our Official Account for more information!

Registration Timeline

29th May - 22th June : IDR450.000
26th June - 15th July : IDR500.000
17th July - 31th July : IDR550.000
N-One Registration : IDR85.000


1st Winner : IDR2.750.000
2nd Winner : IDR2.250.000
3rd Winner : IDR1.750.000
Best Speaker and N-one Get Rewards


11th-13th August 2017
Faculty of Agricultural Technology
Brawijaya University
Malang, East Java


No. Rekening : 166-00-0142125-4 (Mandiri)
AN. Inggar Rayi Agatha

Fast support

+62 813-5145-5838 / line id : puspitaindra
+62-857-0698-3929 / line id : alvionita
Official Line Acoount : @wur5216n

  • Rondown EODC 2017

    Rondown EODC 2017

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  • ESP Open Debating Competition

    • EODC (ESP Open Debating Competition) is COMING BACK TO TOWN!! with a wonderful theme "Significant Involvement of Indonesia in International Scope as A Purpose of Self Actualization"


      Prove to us that you are the best. Make sure to join this totally cool debating competition. So, Let's join EODC and save your seat by filling this : 
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      #BrightentheFuture!!! For further information, feel free to contact us through:
      1. Puspita Indra Dewi 
      081351455838 / ID line: puspitaindra 
      2. Alvionita Octavia 
      085706983929 / ID line: alvionitao

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    “Kalian pemuda, kalau kalian tidak punya keberanian, sama saja dengan ternak karena fungsi hidupnya hanya beternak diri.” Pramoedya Ananta Toer

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    line id : alvionita

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    +62 813-5145-5838
    line id : puspitaindra


    Faculty Of Agricultural Technology
    Brawijaya University,
    Malang, East Java


    Official Line Acoount : @wur5216n